🔥 Our AI-powered WhatsApp Automation Tool just got even better with personalized messaging! 💡 Now connect with customers like never before on WhatsApp 🤩. No need to save numbers, just send your messages 📩. Join thousands who've transformed WhatsApp communication with our leading 🌟 tool 🛠.

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1. Create beautiful message templates

Now you can create insightfull customised WhatsApp messages for your WhatsApp Subscribers with the help of our tool.

Drag And Drop - tecrave

Message Customisation

Our tool will select the header of the message from CSV itself to send personalised messages.

Pre Made Templates - tecrave

Pre made templates

You can use help of our premade message template to send to your target audience.

2. Send it to your WhatsApp audience

Our tool uses one of the finest message sending algoriths then other giving the users maximum utilisation of our tool.

Check Icon - tecrave

Delivery optimization

Our tool is developed in a way that would deliver your message to maximum number of people without any possible runtime errors.

Advanced A/B Testing - tecrave

Advanced A/B testing

With help of our técSupport team, Enterprise Plan members now can send their message templates to our content team for review for maximum outcome.

Email Audience - tecrave
Mesure Email Campaigns - tecrave

3. Measure WhatsApp campaign results

With help of our tool, now you can download delivery reports for better understanding of the quality of your data & campaign results

Granular Reports - tecrave

Delivery reports

From the report section of our tools, you can download the delivery reports to understand the campaign and data quality.

AI Optimizations - tecrave

AI-based optimizations

With our AI-based optimization our tool will drop the numbers on which WhatsApp is unavailable & uses custom Time Gap feature to delay the messages.

Take your WhatsApp marketing game to the next level

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Simple and useful features

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Pre Made Template - tecrave

Pre-made templates

Select from wide range of Pre-made message template for best campaign results.

Drag And Drop - tecrave

Custom Message

Now you can select message header from the tool to send personalised messages to your audience.

Delivery Optimization - tecrave

Delivery optimization

With our advanced delivery algorithms, you can expect upto 99% message deliveries.

AB Testing - tecrave

Easy A/B testing

Don't worry about writing content for your audience our Content Team will optimize the message for you.
Feature only available for Enterprise Plan Users

Granular Reports - tecrave

Granular reports

Easily download delivery reports right after finishing the campaign.

Multiple Users - tecrave

Multiple users

With help of WhatsApp Beta Support, multiple users can utilise the tool simultaneously.

Integrated with all Operating Systems & the Browsers you know and love

You can download our Tool (Extnension) to any Linux, Windows or Mac Operating System from Google Chrome & Brave Browser with just click of one button.

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